MediaCom Australia

MediaCom signs start-up Advvy as the technology

to power the workflow of its new Marketplace buying model

As technology is increasingly being used to power media planning and buying decisions, agencies still rely heavily on offline briefs and documents to share knowledge between clients, departments, teams, and media suppliers. Advvy’s media agency workflow application is poised to bring much needed smarts and efficiency to the way the media agency teams perform their tasks and the way they interact with their clients and media suppliers.

Advvy is a start-up with founders from the media industry who knew first hand the challenges facing media organisations on all sides. From his traditional media sales experience, Advvy co-founder and Chief Vision Officer, Tristan Ozinga, knew there had to be a better way to do business in the media industry. “I was literally banging my head against the desk each time there needed to be a change to my proposal, because with event a single spot changing, meant hours of manual rework”

While the vision of Advvy has always been to improve the way the industry works together, it has been quite the journey towards signing the deal with MediaCom. Tristan says: “We raised some seed capital on the idea that we could improve the way radio is bought by agencies. We built a prototype that essentially showed how we could automate the way an agency could build a radio schedule. While it was well received by agencies as a step in the right direction, the networks were still trying to define what programmatic and all things automation meant for them. It was then we saw a greater challenge facing agencies, media suppliers and marketing teams alike, and that is around workflow and the information that is shared along the campaign creation journey. This then lead us to an amazing opportunity to work with Alex Kirk and the Mediacom team to develop our media agency workflow product”

Advvy is one of the next generation companies building innovative solutions on the latest Microsoft technology – Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Advvy Media Agency Workflow application transforms inefficient campaign planning and buying processes into a cloud based solution that helps media agency employees work smarter, while giving management real-time visibility on campaign planning performance.

Advvy co-founder and CEO Chris Macaulay says “We chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the underlying platform to develop the Advvy solution on top of because we knew the significant security and compliance requirements of enterprise media organisations. It also allows us to be super nimble when working with clients to configure the application to their needs, as workflows may be different by client, by team and by campaign type. And with most enterprise media agencies recently having, or are soon to be moving to, Microsoft Office 365, the application becomes a natural extension of the productivity tools standard in the industry. Email is still the number one way people communicate, so we naturally integrate with Outlook. We are also working with Microsoft on how we can leverage machine learning within the platform to help optimize people’s time and remove the need to fill out timesheets. It’s super exciting!” And Microsoft are almost just as exited as Advvy.

Annita Sood Microsoft | ISV & Next Generation Partnerships Lead says: “Advvy came to us after they had built their solution. We were seriously impressed at their approach to use our Dynamics platform to solve an industry problem. Microsoft is a partner driven organisation and our global partnership with Advvy reflects our commitment to support our partners and to help them to accelerate their speed to market, global reach, and technical capabilities.”

Dubbed the One Commercial Partner model, Microsoft is making it easier for partners to use their technology. With Co-Build, Co-Sell and Go-to-Market support, it’s a great time to be a Microsoft partner. While working with Advvy, MediaCom have been showcasing the technology in new business pitches. With Advvy’s help, MediaCom were a step above the rest when it came to answering the Victorian Government media account pitch brief.

MediaCom COO Willie Pang says: “The brief was unique in that it wasn’t about us showing them our best answer to a campaign brief. It was largely around showing them “how” we will be doing the work for them. The Advvy application was perfect to help us respond. For the first time us and our clients can get real time visibility on the process of campaign creation, and we can get new analytics around the workload on our teams, while driving efficiencies across our business.”

MediaCom has recently restructured their media buying teams dubbed “Marketplace”. The media buying teams are becoming a centralised unit that will be given briefs from all client planning teams to buy for. The Advvy Media Agency Workflow application was able to be configured to make this new process possible. Teams will now know exactly who is working on each campaign, and where there are any hold ups along the campaign journey. Willie Pang even says “Once we prove this in Australia and New Zealand, we’ll be looking to deploy Advvy globally to manage the MediaCom Marketplace in each country.”