Passionate Team

We are proud to have a dynamic team of experts that are just as passionate as the founders in achieving our vision. Without them, Advvy would still be just an idea on a page. We are a tight nit team, that works tirelessly to take on this challenge. We may be a David versus some Goliath incumbents, but we like it this way, because we all know how David fared!

Advvy Executive Team

Chris Macaulay

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Experienced digital media and technology enthusiast, passionate about user experience, transparency & company culture. He co-founded a media technology company, Advvy, executes Advvy’s vision, and manages Microsoft Partnership to lead the way that brands, agencies and publishers work together.

Tristan Ozinga

Co-Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Experienced traditional and digital media professional, passionate about ideas and technology. He is the custodian of Advvy’s vision and ensures we align to client and industry needs. Knowing intimately the way the industry works, he co-founded Advvy – awarded 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year – Media & Communication.

Cara Walsh

General Manager, Operations

Digital executive with over 20 years of experience, specializing in product marketing and sales ops and ad tech. Cara helped launch newly created digital division for AT&T, including go to market product strategy, collateral development and defining operational processes for it’s programmatic offering. 

Wayne Wilson 

Director of Strategy, Delivery

A proven global strategist and experienced product development manager & designer. Wayne who with proficiency in planning, designing, and delivering industry-disrupting as well as innovative software solutions and applications. Wayne was a Principal, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft Consulting Services