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Enterprise Media Agency Workflow

Advvy is leading the digital transformation of workflow in the media and advertising industry.
The Advvy platform transforms inefficient manual campaign planning processes into a workflow
solution to allow enterprise Media Agency employees to work smarter while giving management
real-time visibility into their campaign activity and performance.

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Media Agency Relationship Management

Maintain a 360 degree view of all clients, suppliers, partners, staff and media assets

Campaign Management

Manage all campaigns, briefs and budgets easily with a new logical workflow

Real-time reporting

See each campaign in detail throughout its lifecycle and get real-time insights into staff performance

Built for the enterprise

File Storage Solutions

An easy way to manage your files so your staff don’t waste time searching for them

Security & Compliance

Enterprise-level data security functions ensure your data is protected and compliance auditing is a simple process

Highly Customisable Workflow

Each agency has unique processes. Advvy can be customised to your exact requirements

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