Workflow for Media Agencies

Advvy will empower your planners and buyers to work smarter

Media Agency Relationship Management

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Advvy enables you to create, manage and draw insights from any record type you require. The baseline configuration enables you to effectively manage client, media supplier, partner, staff and media asset records, and how they relate to each other in your workflow.

Campaign Management

Digitising your offline processes and integrating with Microsoft Office 365, Advvy becomes a natural extension of how staff currently work.

  • Manage your client’s campaign hierarchy from annual plans to one offs.
  • Increase staff collaboration with Microsoft Groups
  • Speed up briefing suppliers and send media briefs from within Advvy through a branded portal.
  • Track and manage responses and feedback with suppliers.
  • Easily see budget allocation by campaign and media type from planning to implementation.
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Real-time Insights

By transforming your offline processes online, you’ll get real time visibility into agency and campaign activity.

  • See campaigns brought to life in beautiful dashboards created using Microsoft PowerBI. Create dashboards by role to give users only the information they need, and reduce the burden of manually creating weekly “Work in Progress” spreadsheets.
  • Instantly see your client’s yearly master plan evolve, saving you time. Never recreate a master plan in excel again!
  • Track staff performance and task load so you can create more efficient teams.


File Storage

Every media agency has the challenge of dealing with multiple directories per client, employees storing the latest versions of documents on their desktop, or leaving them in email. Advvy makes storing and accessing files easier as users do so from within the application.

The Advvy solution stores files relevant to each client and campaign, so your staff will always know where to look. Advvy Services can work with you to integrate existing file storage solutions into the application, utilising Microsoft’s Sharepoint, OneDrive, or your own private cloud.

Security & Compliance

Advvy understands that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information are vital to your business operations and our own success.

Advvy is built for enterprise customers, leveraging Microsoft’s global security standards. This includes identity and infrastructure security, data encryption (at rest and in-transit), multi-tenanted environments, role-based security controls, and providing access to activity logs for compliance purposes.

Highly Customisable Workflow

The way your agency does business could be vastly different from others. You may even have unique workflows or proprietary processes that need to be considered when adopting any new technology.

Advvy can be configured to meet your exact requirements. This also means that Advvy can integrate with your existing systems to create even more efficient and streamlined workflows to give your agency the competitive edge. Please see Advvy Services for more information.

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