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Services Overview

When you’re making a significant technology investment, it’s important that you’re confident the right team is in place to support it. And it is likely that your organisation requires more than then out-of-the-box media agency workflow solution. That’s where Advvy Services comes in.

Whether your requirements are program management, configuration, system integrations, or even data integration or migration,  our thoroughly experienced consultants can help with every aspect of customising the solution. Using our proven 4 Step process, with our obsessive attention to detail, we will ensure you have a scalable, successful solution on time — and within budget.

Our Process

Step 1 – Requirements Gathering

We listen, we listen, we listen. It is crucial that we learn from as many users in your organisation as possible so we can document the exact requirements you have. This will lead to a more user friendly solution, that users will know and love.

Step 3 – Implementation

Based on your needs, we can either roll out your new solution in stages across a single team, or we can assist with an agency wide deployment. We have a detailed implementation process to ensure all stakeholders are effectively managed.

Step 2 – Collaborative Design

We take what we have learned from listening to your requirements and craft a functionality roadmap with you. We continually validate your requirements and its corresponding functionality to ensure the overall design is exactly what you want and need.

Step 4 – Training and Support

We don’t like the “wash the hands” mentality that exists with some service providers after they have finished a project. With Advvy Services, we provide training and support as part of any implementation to ensure users get the most out of the application.

Strategic Benefits

Tailored solutions

Advvy Services understands that every media agency is unique in their processes. We help you discover and tailor a solution that’s exactly right for your agency.

Quicker return on investment

Our team of experts gets you up and running quickly so you start reaping the benefits sooner.

Easier implementations

Our professional services team makes sure your solution is deployed efficiently and that your users are equipped with industry best practices for quick adoption.

Long-term success

Our managed services team ensures you are supported well after the implementation and continually discovering new benefits, as they help keep your system operating at its best for the long haul.

Technology Partners

We partner with industry leading technology partners through collaborative relationships delivering tight integrations with Advvy, joint marketing, and solution creation opportunities.

Advvy’s Media Workflow application is powered by Microsoft’s best-in-class technology, Dynamics 365.

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