Future Now Ventures Invests in Programmatic AdTech

Planning and Buying Platform Advvy

Advvy, a programmatic adtech startup that automates the planning and buying process for traditional media, recently partnered with Future Now Ventures (FNV), receiving financial, technical development and strategic from FNV. The funds received will be used by Advvy in furthering the
development of its integrated platform and launching to targeted segments of the industry.

Advvy has come up with a unique and comprehensive solution for planning and buying media, taking into account the automation and organisation of relevant information such as as customer audience data, and available publisher inventory, to enable media buyers and brands to easily plan and buy inventory across multiple channels.

Advvy is building a single platform that covers all traditional media, including Radio, TV, Out of Home, Print, and Cinema. It replaces or complements different tools used for research, media planning, buying media, and campaign reporting. Through integrated information, the platform allows users to see who their real target markets are, the needs and wants of their client, the real-time monitoring of their campaigns and the most logical type of media to buy. Its programmatic approach to planning and buying advertising inventory gives traditional media the breadth and organisation enjoyed by its digital counterparts.

Time efficiency is also something that Advvy is able to make significant impacts in particularly when working across multiple advertising mediums. What normally would take several days, and often weeks to accomplish is completed in a few minutes depending on the complexity of the campaign.

Dale Rankine, Advisor and Innovation Partner at FNV, sees a lot of promise in this investment given the outdated media planning tools and the tedious procedures that many marketing and advertising outfits experience.

During conversations around Advvy’s inception, Rankine immediately saw potential in the product. “Advvy has 2 non-technical co-founders, but who are industry subject-matter experts and who are very clear about the vision they wanted to achievee. FNV was able to add the technical skills to that team,” he revealed.

“This has been a great example of how FNV brings together its experience in building tech companies and products with its network of support operations to empower founders to accelerate their growth, especially during the early stages of their business,” he added.


About Future Now Ventures

Future Now Ventures is a boutique venture capital firm funding start-ups and innovative companies that specialise in cloud computing, multi-platform integration, and data solutions. Its core team is composed of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in different fields of technology. FNV’s distinguished partners include Cloud Sherpas, LikeJobs, AllFamous Digital, Rollbase Philippines and the TSA Group.

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