Save time, play more Pong!

A revolution in media trading begins, while you put your pong game to the test. With the promise of full electronic trading of traditional media still years away, and “programmatic” being just a buzz word trying to find relevance in the traditional media industry, Advvy is proud to present its first product that lays the foundation to realise the full potential of automation – Advvy Unibrief – The Universal Briefing System.

Advvy Unibrief is more than just a briefing tool; it’s a platform that will power a media agency’s workday. It will save time, it will create a new way for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other, and it begins to solve the biggest problem in the media industry – the futile rekeying of data. And the result of all this time saved? Giving Adland people a little bit more time to do what they are really in the media industry to do… Play Ping-Pong.

Advvy Unibrief is launching at the Adnews Media Sales Summit May 19. To celebrate, Advvy has enlisted Australia’s first Olympic table tennis qualifier, and highest-ranking Australian on the World Table Tennis Ranking List – David Powel. “Advvy is calling on all the office Ping-Pong champions in the media industry. You know who they are, there’s one in every office that claims they are the best. Well, they may have everyone in their office beat, but how good are they really against one of Australia’s best? Come to the Media Sales Summit, and find out!” said Tristan Ozinga, Cofounder of Advvy.

Up for grabs is a brand new table tennis table for your agency or media organisation valued over $1000. Every player who takes on David Powell will go in the draw to win the table. Advvy looks forward to meeting you at the Media Sales Summit, and is excited to bring to you the beginning of the future of media buying and selling. Advvy builds cloud based workflow automation software for the media industry. The vision is to revolutionise the way media is bought and sold, and to provide a platform to make the seamless transfer of data from booking to billing possible, across all mediums.

Advvy was founded by two media industry fanatics, who were fed up with the incumbent ways of doing business. They are passionate about media, and truly understand what the industry needs now, so they may be best placed to build what is needed in the future.